The security of your personal information is one of the most important issues for us.
No information used on is shared with other institutions or organizations. Privacy of customers and visitors abides by their rights.

Our system is completely on the internet; Data called "cookie" is sent to users' web browsers in order for users to be identified effortlessly and to confirm data security. These data (cookies) stored on the customer's computer are updated periodically. Site performance and security is kept at the highest level with this technology, which is accepted by many companies in the world.
In some cases, verbal confirmation of your order may be requested from the bank or our company, if needed, in writing. In this case, your bank or company will call you from your registered information and ask for confirmation about your order. In order for your bank and our company to reach you, please make sure that your personal information registered at your bank and given while registering on our site is up to date.
Important Reminder: Your order may be canceled due to the unavailability of your phone number during the security check.
Please make sure that the phone number you entered in the store is correct, these numbers and your e-mail address will be used for all kinds of information about your order.
Delivery is made only to the address ...
All shipments are delivered to the address and to the person concerned. Delivery of goods to the post office is not possible


Protecting your information and privacy is one of the most important issues for This information; information such as the names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails of customers, dealers or dealers. uses this information only in accordance with its business purposes. This important  and personal information are stored in the highest security standards: And this information T.C. within its laws and international laws; It is protected by a system that can only be accessed by authorized personnel and only in necessary cases with user approval. This system is also responsible for the security of our entire database. undertakes that it will not share, sell or that  will not abuse this information with third parties in any way. respects the privacy rights of its customers and visitors.
CREDIT CARD and SECURE SHOPPING GUARANTEE has been structured using the latest technologies to provide you with 24-hour uninterrupted service. In no time and under any circumstances, cannot store or record credit card information of its customers. Neither employee can access the credit card information of customers.
Therefore, we  will never show your credit card information to anyone. For this purpose, for your Credit Card Security during ordering; Global Sign 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security system accepted by the world is used. Your credit card information is encrypted before it is sent. Your information will never be stealed during the transfer. SSL technology has become the world standard due to its superior security and encryption method. Your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape..vs) to recognize and inform you that the pages you enter are safe; In the address line that starts with -http-, it will show the addresses starting with -https- (secure pages), which means secure pages. At the bottom of your browser you will see the LOCK sign showing the security status. Our security system is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and all browsers using SSL. in order to comply with these security standards; It receives constant professional support from data security and internet technology companies.
You can shop with confidence on our site. We wish you a good shopping.

With good Regards.